PSYCHOLOGY AND THE CROSS by Canon G. Emmett Carter


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In this excellent work, the author himself sees ""an attempt to weld a few links between human knowledge in the psychological field and divine knowledge in the theological and mystical fields"". He does not confuse psychology and theology, however, and, having great respect for psychoanalysis, with the exception of its metaphysics, as well as for psychology, he also does not confuse these latter two. Leaving the unconscious, and mental disease, to the therapist, he takes his point of departure from where the unconscious and conscious meet in human psychology and shows the value for proper religious and moral education of the insights of modern psychology in connection with the development of a true self. At the same time he sees how paradoxically the virtue of humility understood properly in theology meets best the requirements of true self-assertion and adjustment spoken of in psychology. From many different points of view he shows convincingly that ""true psychology without metaphysical bias or theological prejudice walks hand in hand with ascetical wisdom and the religious guidance of souls"". In the final analysis, however, only revelation contains the true therapy for the human soul and its happiness.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1959
Publisher: Bruce