THE BORDERLAND: An Exploration of Theology in English Literature by Canon Roger Lloyd

THE BORDERLAND: An Exploration of Theology in English Literature

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Canon Lloyd, of the Church of England, takes his readers to visit the Borderland, by which he means the place where the professional theologian and the (theologically) amateur artist, who interprets his thought to an audience wider than he can even hope to attract for himself, meet and join hands. There can be found many of the great English authors and poets who set forth vividly and with high artistry many of the doctrines of theology which can be read with pleasure and understanding. Here the reader meets again Shakespeare, Defoe, Robert Browning, Emily Bronte, G. K. Chesterton, Charles Williams, Arnold Toynbee and many another ancient and modern in whose writings are memorable expositions of the doctrines of the Christian Church. The true monarch of the Borderland, where literature and theology are partners, is God himself. The Kingdom of God needs, and uses, the skill of Christian pens down the ages, proclaiming the mercy of God, and offering acceptably human repentance and divine forgiveness. This is a rather brief essay on a subject of great interest and importance, to be read by both writers and priests who sense a common country in this borderland of mystery and vision.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1960
Publisher: Macmillan