THE JAP SOLDIER by Capt. Arthur Goodfriend


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A primer adapted from the training film The Japanese Soldier that compiles facts that exist about how the enemy is brought up, taught to live, trained to fight and kill. Each compact explanatory article is accompanied by a photograph, and there are pithy comments on the various matters of the preliminary victories, and their causes, the industries and war lords of Japan, the spirit of offensive warfare, the treachery, the resourcefulness of the foe and the need for superior resourcefulness to win; camouflage, the equipment and how it is carefully protected, the toughness, savagery, skill that must be combatted, and why killing Japanese is the only safe way to fight them. A definite aim in this book of know-the-enemy for self preservation, for successful finish of the war. Interesting to the public as concentrated simplification of the Japanese military man.

Pub Date: Dec. 15th, 1943
Publisher: Infantry Journal