THE GOLDEN MONKEY by Capt. Frank Knight


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Report repeated from p. 186 of March 15th bulletin: ""A bounding main of a mystery set in the days of the Australian gold rush and of Britain's attempt to regain her title as queen of the seas. Thirteen year old Johnny Spinner sails as cabin boy aboard the clipper Werry Marden in 1854. His goal is to find his father who disappeared shortly after leaving a clerk's job in Melbourne to go to the digging grounds. With the Golden Monkey, a large nugget mentioned in a letter from his father as his only clue, Johnny's search leads him straight into excitement that culminates in a race back to England between Merry Marden and an American clipper. At the end he finds his father as a seaman aboard the other ship, an amnesia victim fortunately returned to normal through a head accident. In the reunion there are good prospects of further mining and a solid sea career for Johnny. Plenty of period atmosphere and historical detail strengthen a good story.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1953
Publisher: St. Martin's Press