BANZAI NOEL by Capt. Garrett USMCR Graham


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Breezy, sometimes bawdy contribution to the miscellany of battlefront accounts, as Garrett Graham (flier in the last war, newspaper writer, Hollywood scenarist, author of Queer People) reports briefly on a mission to the South Pacific after he had enlisted in the Marine Air Corps as a ""retread"". Shipping out from San Diego on a troopship under a 27-year-old Major, Graham found himself by reason of seniority second in command, and in demand for anything from administering discipline conducting church service. The landing; his job as censor; New Year's Eve and how a Padre beat his time with a Red Cross nurse; the little Chinese girl mutilated by the Japs; Guadalcanal and a backward glance at the rough fight put up by the Leatherhecks in that historic action.

Publisher: Vanguard