WE FLEW WITHOUT GUNS by Capt. J. Genovese


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Action -- humor -- this is entertaining, and thoroughly readable personal experience air adventuring in all its immediacy of experience. Washed out at Randolph Field, this Brooklyn boy joins Air Transport Auxiliary, and flw all over the British Isles, delivering and ferrying planes. At the end of his contr, he was transferred to flying the Assam-Kuing route, over the Hump, freighting cargo and passengers. He learned the treacherous violence of high ltitude flying; the tricks for avoiding Jap pla, since the China National Aviation Corporation ships were he not Ma-and noterious women; he went on tiger hunts and fell in love. And, threatened by excess of he was shipped home -- and started off with two , and three and he get a girl with whose picture he had fallen in love and married her. He wound up with a ""safe job"" as test pilt for Avin...The public is non-receptive to war experiences at the moment. This is exceptional enough to sell.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1945
Publisher: Winston