MAN AGAINST THE UNKNOWN by Capt. Joseph B. Icenhower


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The child eager to know everything about great expeditions and voyages of exploration will find most of what he wants to know in this extensive account. The land masses and seas of our globe are the focal point here -- not the atmosphere about it. In addition to the major figures whom most children will encounter in school texts, there are those lesser figures -- winners and losers -- who pitted their mortality against the unknown. Spliced in a narrative of sustained interest rich in human interest are the stories of sea going daredevils, Magellan, Balboa and Captain Cook, and epics of Polar fortitude in the accomplishments of Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton and Byrd. There are dark chapters of African exploration, of the Tuareg, Ashanti and Dahomeyares tribesmen between Mungo Park, Richard Livingstone, Rene Caillie, John Speke, and their dreams of discovery. Impressive chronicles of courage.

Publisher: Winston