THE LONG WAIT by Capt. Oliver as told to La Farge


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This is one of the amazing episodes incidental to the war, -- the survival of eight men for five months when a flying fortress crashed on the Greenland Ice Cap. Implicit in their story is the spirit of our fighting men -- of the teamwork of Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Ferry Command, and civilian -- of the recognition of the supreme right of humans to live if joint effort can save them. Five men died, three of them in the process of rescue. And throughout the months of danger, near starvation (relieved each time by supplies dropped to them), and the perils of the vicious Arctic, the man kept their morale, their respect and liking for each other, even their humor....It should be a great story. The facts, the elements are all there. Actually, it falls short. Perhaps Captain La Farge was too aware of the danger of intruding his own gifts as spinner of tales, and therefore presented his material as given him by the four principals almost baldly. W.L. White has demonstrated how brilliantly this sort of thing can be done: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo was another extraordinary bit of recreation ""as told to""; The Raft still is tops in this field. Somehow The Long Wait does not qualify.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin