BORN IN BATTLE by Capt. owan T. Thomas


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There's close parallel to God Is My Co-Pilot in this record of personal experience in the U.S. air arm. Pre-war trained fortress pilot, Thomas tells of the recall of his troop ship on route across the Pacific as war is declared, of the Ferry Command in the early part of '42, of eventual base in Karachi, India, where bombing raids, continual change in climate, sickness, made life far from pleasant, though morale was good. Then to the Middle East and the campaign against Rommel, on to raids on Greece and harassing of German supply lines to North Africa. Home on unexpected furlough -- collecting tales of the men who knew. Tales of action, of men, of the Judge's Jury, the author's plane, of her crew and exploits, of mission after mission, of individual reconnaissance in the various countries -- of some adventures and quiet interludes...A book of deeds and of interpretation of military attitudes towards the war, of the home front, mail, group living, etc. Highly personal, with enough of the aviation detail popular with the public.

Publisher: Winston