MY FIRST WAR by Capt. Sir Hasli Bartlett


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This is an army officer's journal for May 1940, through Belgium and the Dunkirk evacuation, a simple personal narrative. There was the lull before the storm, there were activities in spotting enemy attempts at espionage, sabotage and propaganda, following up suspicious characters and incidents. Then the declaration of war, the refugees, the attitude of civilians and troops, the problem of detaining suspects, billets on the march, chance meeting with friends, the retreat and the dangers of the German encirclement. Finally, Dunkirk and the British meeting the challenge of a seemingly hopeless situation, and the gaiety, ribaldry, kindliness and sheer stark courage of the British Tommy. The author is a playwright and gives full value.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1941
Publisher: Macmillan