1600 YEARS UNDER THE SEA by Capt. Ted Falcon-Baker


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This account of the explorations for the remains of the lost city of Epidauros has its full share of underwater adventuring for besides locating and mapping the sunken areas there are all the hazards of skin diving that the author, his wife and helpers encountered. And there are episodes ashore and afloat as officialdom, local and national, kept behind their doings, and shortages and obstacles of many sorts ounded their work. But, after their first find -- a dead horse -- the ancient treasures come to light, the walls and streets took shape, and the experiment proved most successful with high commendation from the Yugoslavian Institute for the Protection of Historical Monuments in Dalmatia. The details of mounting the expedition, of equipment and operations, and the stream of fellow workers together with the excitement of their discoveries make this a worthy companion to previous books.

Publisher: McKay