FEVER, FAMINE AND GOLD by Captain E. Erskine Loch


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The story of the Andes-Amazon expedition in Ecuador, an expedition undertaken in the interests of science, and which brought back valuable ethnological facts about tribes so fierce and difficult of access that no white man has contacted them and lived to tell the tale. The author tells his story of adventure and discovery with a certain matter-of-factness that robs it of some of the glamor that many such stories have -- with less excuse. There is a good deal of humor, in his encounters with native guides and native customs and prejudices and red tape. The discovery of old Inca roads and the reputed source of the gold treasure should somehow make more exciting reading than it does, but for the armchair traveler who likes his adventure modestly presented, here is his meat.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1938
Publisher: Putnam