DIAMONDS ARE DANGEROUS by Captain J. H. du Plessis


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An ex-policeman tells of traffic in illicit diamonds and of the efforts to track down those responsible for the buying, smuggling and selling of them, for the purpose of fomenting revolts and revolutions. Here are his undercover activities for the International Diamond Security Organization in Southwest Africa when his secret mission sent him to Northern Rhodesia on the trail started up by a dead informer and the ways in which he effected his entrance into the local rackets for further knowledge of the men he was seeking. There's plenty of rough and tumble, pursuit of (and by) Big George and Greek Mike, chases and traps including a beautiful girl in trouble, and, with assists from friends in the service, a crackdown on the immediate criminals. The facts of illicit diamonds as barter in international political intrigue and the world demand for them add interest to this jaunty account which keeps pace with many a thriller.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1961
Publisher: John Day