HEAVY CONNECTIONS by Careth Ellingson


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Can an ordinary American mom rub out (1) a governor, (2) a Mafia kingpin, and (3) crime's top Financier? You bet, says this birdbrained revenge novel, if these same dirty dogs ordered the torture and death of the lady's teen-age daughter, thus unleashing mad-as-hell mother-power. Trina York was killed because she had innocently witnessed ""top politics talking to top Malta,"" so now mother Claudia is the only surviving member of this unlucky family (journalist husband Roll and another daughter being long-ago car accident victims). Claudia, who's turned journalist herself (Lifestyle section), appeals for help in her revenge-quest to Mutiny Dyce, one of Ron's ""heavy connections"" and member of an elite anti-terrorist organization. The novel's First third describes the rigorous training program Mutiny prescribes for her, from physical endurance tests to use of guns, knives and chemicals. Her First assassination is a cinch: Claudia sprays with poison the dinner-service off which Governor Harmon (formerly Harmonica, out of Sicily) will eat at the banquet launching his run for the White House. Exit the Governor. Next she uses her Borneo knife to skewer mobster Frankie Arranto in his Vegas casino, and is unnerved only by his bloodstains on her white satin shoes (""I'm flying away in great hunks of my humanity""). This leaves the German, Varga Kongos, whose family has bankrolled the criminal community for six hundred years. Claudia penetrates his Florida retreat and riddles him with her XP-100, but is then nabbed by an agent of Harmon's old man Ferdo. She survives physical and verbal abuse (""Murderess!! Assassin!! Bitch from hell!!"") and is rescued by Mutiny and his men in an all-out naval assault. Her quest fulfilled, Claudia is free to start a new life as Mrs. Mutiny Dyce. An inauspicious debut.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1987
Publisher: St. Martin's