A MASK FOR PRIVILEGE by Carey McWilliams


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This is an important contribution to the study of anti-Semitism in America- a reasoned, objective and constructive approach by a man whose experience in the field of minority problems has given him the understanding necessary to the task. He views anti-Semitism as ""one of the greatest barriers to self-knowledge and social understanding of our times because it masks a reality- the reality of social, economic and political injustice"". He shows, step by step, how the disease of anti-Semitism has spread, until it has infected the fields of education, livelihood, social contacts. From 1877 on, the growth has been insidious- and fed largely on myths, which he conclusively analyzes and destroys. This is a fully documented, thoughtful and challenging book. It should be read by more than the students of the subject. Unfortunately he has handled the subject on the intellectual level, carefully avoiding the emotional, the human, the dramatic, which might have made the book more readable for the average man. As it stands, its market will probably be limited.

Publisher: Little, Brown