SAILOR'S CHOICE by Carl Bottume


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A tight narrative of hazard which sustains an even excitement as it spirals to catastrophe when Jed Simpson, a turfier in the waters off Key West, takes on a job running a shipment of guns to British Honduras. Timing his transactions smoothly, from his contact with Gonzales to the loading up by night, Jed rides out a storm to his arrival in Belize where the guns are to be sold, but where he heads into trouble with Gonzales over Nina, the daughter of Gonzales' partner in this deal. Unable to collect his money, unwilling to give up Nina, Jed is betrayed by Gonzales to the police, escapes in a shooting action during which his father is killed, heads out to sea with the cargo which is now worthless... A short run in dangerous waters, this is effective entertainment.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1951
Publisher: Little, Brown