GENESEE FEVER by Carl Carmer
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Carl Carmer writes his first novel, and -- for his background -- has plumbed the rich history of New York's up-state ""Genesee Country"", in the period ten years and more after the Revolution, when various influences were at work to disrupt the young republic. Small religious groups played havoc with emotional balance; real estate ations on a grand scale were used as levers to inculcate disturbing anti-democratic ulses; miniature dictatorships throve briefly and perished. A rich pattern, with the of romance woven through, as Nathan Hart, escaped prisoner of Whiskey Rebellion risings, makes a place for himself, first as an itinerant portrait painter, then as a former, denying the rights of the aristocrats who were seeking to dominate the scene, and upholding the rights of the little land owners. His devious romances -- now with a Philadelphia maid, now with a religious fanatic, now with a Maryland aristocrat who was sure she could convert him -- finally found reality with a girl of mixed blood. First edition, limited, as of December 15.

Pub Date: Dec. 29th, 1941
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart