CLIMBING DOWN by Carl Dennis


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Carl Dennis' first book, A House of My Own, appeared in 1974. His new collection is similarly domestic, solid and tranquilizing; it is also concerned with the bonds of community--quirky and endearing relatives, neighbors, friends whom he measures tolerantly in plain-spoken verses. His meter is as regular and unhurried as the walk he takes when the car won't start--""the fuel pump's clogged with flowers"" (""The Peaceable Kingdom""). Harmony is his first principle. Not just nature but also inanimate objects repond to him in magic ways, and so he is patient and satisfied just watching the whirring clockworks of daily life upstate. The weather and the trees in the woods, letters from distant friends, the look of the household furniture and quiet meals at home are his reference points for poems that unwind as smoothly and surely as yam from a spool. Disturbances are very rare, and those of the tolerable sort that his people just shrug off. Gratifications, many and small--that's what these poems are made from.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Braziller