BENJIE REAM by Carl G. Hodges


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The Free Soiler and Pro-Slavery disputed Kansas Territory of 1856 provides the historical background for unbelievable feats performed by stereotyped people given o awkward dialogue of the question and answer variety. Fourteen year old Benjie is bound to a mean farmer following the death of his father and the placement of his mother and younger sister on the county poor farm in Illinois. He runs off and makes his way to Kansas where he hopes to find his eighteen year old brother's homestead. Assistance from complete strangers to whom Benjie confides his history is generous beyond credibility. The boy does make his way to Kansas where he barely escapes hanging and becomes involved in the guiding of slaves to free territory. Reunion with his brother promises a happy ending as the boys look forward to a free state and the bringing of mother and sister to David's claim.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1964
Publisher: obbs-Merrill