WHOLE BODY HEALING by Carl & James W. Nechas Lowe


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An entertaining and helpful look at the new therapies: all of them. Lowe and Nechas assume that there are a lot of good ways to make people feel better apart from traditional medicine--but we need to understand these therapies before taking the plunge. Alphabetically by small-topic (acupuncture, etc.), they cover: exercise programs (aerobics, dance, calisthenics, cross-country skiing); Far East derivatives (acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu); ""body therapies"" (Feldenkreis, Rolfing); plus--nutrition, water therapy, and other delights. The entries are not all whole-hearted endorsement; along with reasonably in-depth descriptions, are cautions (what preparations to make before dancing, what benefits to expect) and some outright condemnations. DMSO is out: no one knows how, why, or if it works; and the side effects are too scary. Try hug therapy instead: the researchers recommend at least three a day and can delineate six different types--of which the most therapeutic is the ""full body hug"" (""there is no evasion or ignoring who it is they are about to hug""). A lark, but a practical one--with further references and addresses of therapist groups.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1983
Publisher: Rodale