THE ALBINO BLUE by Carl L. Biemiller


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No question of sink or swim: here's a line that will catch fishermen, conservationists, less committed boys and anyone who likes a good story. Fourteen-year-old Kent Palmer catches a fish near Sandy Hook, New Jersey that has all the characteristics of a bluefish--except blueness. Amateur conservationist Dad, looking on, identifies the rarity as an albino (don't bother to figure it--a lab computer testifies to the improbability), and the boy tags it as part of his work for the Littoral Society and throws it back to sea. But the Palmers go to some pros at the nearby marine biology lab; despite precautions to safe-guard secrecy, the word gets out and everybody wants to get into the act, including Mr. Henrich, his brewery's advertising men, and the PR guys from the state of New Jersey. At sea with some of the biologists as well as his new roommate Leo (thirteen and already at Harvard), the boy has visions of search turning into circus, and so he keeps thinking about it, $250,000. prize and all. There are several fast encounters with lab men and Heinrich, a coup pulled on the newsmen, and a surprise television announcement by the boy at the end that few will anticipate, all carried out without a bit of bravado. Whether fish story or just a pigment of the imagination, The Albino Blue is the right bait.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday