STORM OVER THE LAND: A Profile of the Civil War by Carl Sandburg
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STORM OVER THE LAND: A Profile of the Civil War

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Sandburg's name and the fact, openly publicized, that this is material taken bodily from the four volume War Years, which the average man in the street is unlikely to read, as a whole, should insure a substantial market. This is a skillfully handled job of editing and condensation, woven together by some new material, some rewrite, and emerging as a perfectly integrated picture of the Civil War, with most of the political personal, and controversial material deleted. When one has read the complete work, thi seems a trifle emasculated. But such a criticism is captious, for after all, Sandburg might have written this ""profile of the Civil War"" as it stands, and made, in so doing, a real contribution to the history of that troubled period. The photographs were selected for this volume, and the publishers have done an excellent piece of bookmaking.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace