PRAIRIE TOWN BOY by Carl Sandburg


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The series of American biographies published by Harcourt includes several that are abridgements of full length adult biographies, including the story of Lincoln's boyhood taken from The Prairie Years Carl Sandburg's first part of Abraham Lincoln Now Sandburg has extracted from his own Always the Young Strangers, those recollections of his own early life, the parts that will interest young people most. Once again the question at issue is -- to what extent is it advisable to assume that teen agers need abridgements. We reviewed Always the Young Strangers for Young Adults a month after reviewing it in full as ""A completely recalled record of the daily living in the Sandburg household -- one that gives the feeling of America through small town pattern both in the line of individual personality development and in the larger sense- economically, socially, politically. Not his literary biography, but the roots that made Carl Sandburg what he is today."" -- Some of that particular value is lost in condensation. While many young people may read an autobiography 179 pages in length who would not read the full length book, we hope that the more mature among them will be directed to the more rewarding book -- Americana at its best.

ISBN: 0152633324
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace