CHUCK by Carl Sterland


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This Staggeringly awful confessional, written with a vulgarity intended to bespeak the togetherness established between a father and son, comes pseudonymously out of the midwest where in middle age (actually just past forty) Mr. Sterland discovers the ""product of (his) indiscreet loins."" Chuck. Also the product of a girl he'd known in college who had put him out for adoption. Now Mr. Sterland is a married man and father of three others and a soi-disant writer (free-lance; it couldn't be otherwise) while Chuck is in L.A., driving a taxi, and being used as a stud and to run heroin by an older woman--""The Bitch."" Carl goes out there and without confiding his real relationship establishes instant communication; smokes pot with him; shares the pleasures of Tiajuana bordellos; and finally retrieves him (he's bleeding to death--an ulcer) and starts him on the good life as an actor and writer. Hopefully young Chuck will extend his vocabulary beyond ""piss elegant"" simplicities.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday