SPEED OF THE REINDEER by Carl Wilhelmson


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A slow moving story of Lapland is set in the village of Aulumus near Lake Inari and has to do with the showing up of an ""outlander"", Herra Holger and his unsavoury cousin Snorre. Orphaned Mikko who lives with the herdsman Temmo is the young hero, for it is Mikko's initial disapproval of Temmo's reverence for Holger that starts us wondering. Holger who met Temmo on a trip south, comes north with him to visit Snorre, but soon after his arrival, Onni, Temmo's prize white reindeer disappears. The climax proves Snorre and Holger are pilferers, but the more interesting parts are the descriptions of Lapp life- the festivals, the town magician, the work and the peculiar characteristics of the reindeer.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1954
Publisher: Viking