SECOND WIND by Carl Zuckmayer


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Here, episodically handled, is the autobiography of one of Germany's former leading modern playwrights whose life once again illustrates the world in chaos. Beginning with his escape from Austria after the Anschluss, he then turns backward to the World War which he entered at 17, serving for four years in the most hazardous crack battery of them all -- the Corpse Circus. There is a good bit about the war, the hatred and barbarity of some of the officers, and on the other hand loyalty and courage to be found in so many. Lean post war years, as he drifted through the frenzied, decadent artist-intellectual circles, odd jobbed here and there, until his establishment in the theatre and eventual success. His books banned in Germany with Hitler's advent, he turned to Austria until once again he is forced to leave home and ties. Colorful and eloquent in all that is said, and left unsaid, since, compared to previously reported books on this subject, it is far more modulated in substance and tone.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1940
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran