COWBOYS: What Do They Do? by Carla Greene

COWBOYS: What Do They Do?

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Cowboy Mike and company are intended to be ""real"" cowboys on a modern ranch, but as shown they closely resemble their television cartoon counterparts. In spite of their unprepossessing appearance, Mike and his co-workers do ride jeeps and helicopters as well as horses, inoculate cattle and become seasonally unemployed. However, most of the cowboys' activities -- the round-up, branding, rodeos and chuck wagon time -- will be familiar to every pre-schooler, and the realism gained by the introduction of contemporary detail hardly compensates for the condescendingly exclamatory tone (""Oh, oh! A cow fell into a ditch!"") which only novice readers could conceivably tolerate -- and then not for long.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1972
Publisher: Harper & Row