YOUR FIRST PET And How To Take Care of It by Carla Stevens

YOUR FIRST PET And How To Take Care of It

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In words that beginners can read and understand Stevens gives potential pet owners help in choosing an animal and advice on feeding, housing, cleaning and training the ones they take home. The rewards are not minimized but there are also precautions against common mistakes: don't put your gerbil's (or any rodent's) tank in the sun or your parakeet in the kitchen (the odors can make him sick), don't put your goldfish in a goldfish bowl or put tap water directly into its tank, if you buy a Peruvian or an Abyssinian guinea pig you will have to brush his coat each day, and -- repeatedly -- a city apartment is not a proper home for most dogs. Stevens' assumption that children will take full responsibility for cleaning up messes (dogs are the chief offenders here) and for everyday care will win the gratitude of parents, who could do worse than make her book a required prerequisite to that first pet shop purchase.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1974
Publisher: Macmillan