HEMINGWAY, The Writers as Artist by Carlos Baker

HEMINGWAY, The Writers as Artist

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Most people will feel that Hemingway is one of the few major contemporary writers whose work merits a serious study of this extent. For those interested, much of this thoughtful study is as absorbing as a biographical novel, although the emphasis is on Hemingway the artist rather than on the events of his life. With close linking of his ethical beliefs and creative production, there was further linking of physical environment and his writing, so any study of his work inevitably follows chronologically his shifting residence. There is the Paris of Gertrude Stein, and the beginnings of his first major work, The . There is Italy- and A Farewell to Arms; the short stories, --Spain, Africa, Key West, and Spain again and the Civil War, out of which came For Whom the Bell . Africa provided inspiration at various points; the Caribbean at many others; Italy found second release in Across the River and Into the Trees (there are moments her subject). Throughout, the psychoanalytical approach, sometimes complicated for the layman with technical terminology, is mainly offset by bits of human interest, character sketches in process, organization and manipulation of material, self-criticism. A scholarly and challenging approach, which offers much that is controversial and provocative. Dr. Baker is Professor of English at Princeton author of

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1952
Publisher: Princeton University Press