THE EAGLE'S GIFT by Carlos Castaneda


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The mixed-couples cast of post-Don Juan sorcerers Castaneda introduced us to in The Second Ring of Power (1978) here strike out on their ""dreaming,"" ""stalking,"" ""not-doing, ""impeccable-warrior-of-second-attention own: Nestor and Lydia, Pablito and Josefina, Benigno and Rosa, Carlos himself and la Gorda. As they go about tentatively getting their stuff together, each provides a link to the process by which ""first-attention"" (selfishness) becomes ""second-attention"" (a slumbering awareness, brought forward by trauma, of our ""luminous cocoon"" and ourselves as luminous beings) and, if you're really good, third-attention (""immeasurable consciousness""). By dreaming and stalking, on left- and right-side consciousness, through humiliation and a good sharp blow between the lattisimus dorsi, such a state is perhaps initiated; should you believe yourself a likely candidate and require more specific instruction, it is provided quite concentratedly here on pages 176-181, ""the rule of the Nagual."" For devotees only.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1981
ISBN: 067173251X
Publisher: Simon & Schuster