A VARIETY OF FALLON by Carlos Fallon
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A madcap melange of Castilian-Columbian-Irish-American family background makes a first person narrative of near- fabulous proportions. For the author came of a family whose intermingled nationalities of the dignified and hot-headed created a father whose anthropology and diplomatic careers provided a truly amazing combination and a mother who could out-manoeuver any situation. With his brother, Eduoard, life in Hogota was explosive, with all the aunts and uncles and grandparents having a finger in the outcome of all escapades, life in New Orleans, where father was the Colombian consul, soon led to the sea, but not until figs, the Black Owls, the Boy Scouts, three girls in tights had done their bit to make life memorable. As a Colombian naval officer, the author fought in the Peruvian war, ran a destroyer with cows, calf and chickens aboard, rebuilt the same ship with the ship's company only as repair men and sailed her rigged as a brigantine, and in the past war, as a U.S. citizen found the life of an instructor was composed of misunderstandings. The publishers make a comparison with Young Man of Caracas, and although the flavor here is lighter, it will give you the idea. Something different in international relations.

Page count: 276pp
Publisher: Little, Brown