CRUSADE IN ASIA by Carlos P. Romulo
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Romulo is perhaps the Asian best known to the American public,- to those who have met him through his books, from I Saw the Fall of the Philippines on, to those who have been won by his sincerity and magnetism on the public platforms, to those who have watched the selfless dedication to the cause of his country and of the United Nations. All these factors should serve to compel the reading of this important book- a rewarding and fascinating, a challenging book. I confess with shame the depths of my ignorance about the close escape the Philippines experienced in the surge of Communism, the near victory of the Huks, the dominance of a government, an army, a constabulary, a judiciary dessicated by cupidity, crookedness, and disregard of the democracy and freedom the Philippines had won. The extraordinary campaign which ended in the triumph of clean election, the installation of democratic government once again, in the person of the people's leader, ""The Guy"" Magsaysay-is one of the most thrilling triumphs of right over wrong ever waged. Romulo has told the story in human, personal terms, and he has charted conclusions for the whole situation in Asia which should open our eyes to the lines now drawn. If Asia is lost, America is lost, he says- and speaks with conviction. Indifference, blundering, ignorance are no longer excuses. Colonial imperialism must go. The goals set by the Manila Fact and the Pacific Charter must be realized. An exciting book. Don't miss it because of apathy towards the Asian situation.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1955
Publisher: John Day