IN QUEST OF DALI by Carlton Lake


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Long before he appeared with Whitey Ford to pitch ""When you got it, flaunt it"" for Braniff, Dali has known the importance and self-importance of being Dali (cf. his Secret Life or his Diary of a Genius). But then as a genius, he's the first to admit that he's too intelligent to be anything but a bad painter. Here via tapes (Mr. Lake also collaborated with Francoise Gilot on her life with Picasso) he's re-arranging dead flies eyes, yellow (NOT PLASTIC) straws, etc. on moire (he discovered the importance of moire in the King of Spain's water closet); talking about aspects of painting (knocking just about everyone except Meissonier and Vermeer and Velasquez); decrying modern art even though he's the pop of Pop--sometimes unintelligibly ""Ees for that ees wrong."" By now you know him well -- he of the lacquered montage and mustachio which he's given to caressing, self-professedly along with other personal parts. This is another talking picture--a conversation piece?

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1969
Publisher: Putnam