FAITH IN CONFLICT by Carlyle Marney


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This is not an easy book to read; one wishes to stop very often and ponder what has been said with a poetic economy of words, or even to ask the meaning of what the author has written, enriched as it so often is with quotations from poets and philosophers who have wrestled with the same subject, so that the argument is clouded with imagery. But persistent meditation will reward the reader with insight and assurances as he deals in his own way with the enemies of mankind. Dr. Carlyle Marney, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Austin, Texas, is presenting in this book a Christian's reply to the doubts thrown up by modern science, to the worries of color and culture, to the problem of the meaning of life and death. His hope is that he may arm his readers with sharper weapons to deal with the Dragon of Doubt, the Falcon of Culture, the Serpent of Evil and the Vulture of Death. He has undertaken an heroic task, and the earnest reader may well conclude that he has succeeded. He will find his mind stimulated, and his spirit reinforced.

Publisher: Abingdon Press