BEGGARS IN VELVET by Carlyle Marney


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A reader may dip into this book anywhere, and find a small essay which deals forthrightly and constructively with one or more of his own weaknesses, fears, uncertainties, frustrations, confusions, etc. Carlyle Marney, Pastor of Myers Park Baptist Church, in Charlotte, North Carolina, but also a TV speaker, has brought together here many of his TV talks. As spoken, they must have been dynamic and hard-hitting, with no time wasted for sentimentality or pretentious piety. The illustrations are ""in living color"", and the titles so aptly chosen that they are almost a preview of what's coming; for example, ""Contrived Distractions"", ""The Abandoned Best"", ""Trouble is People"", ""The Power of Old Explosives"", ""Accepting the Adverse"", and ""Beggars in Velvet"", the title chapter, in which he deplores all those who contrive to get what they want on the basis of another's work, such as the buyer always looking for a special discount, or the tax-squirmer, or the special-pass man. There is a strong religious foundation for all of Dr. Marney's observations, but nowhere is it obtrusive or obvious. With such a book at hand almost anyone could turn an idle moment into a proftable one. No chapter is more than three minutes long.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon Press