DON'T THINK ABOUT IT by Carmel Myers


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An inspirational book for those who have suffered heavy loss and find the way back to a normal life blocked by grief. In straightforward, practical terms, this one-time screen favorite tells of how she came to found the Don't Think Club, a sort of Alcoholics Anonymous' technique applied to the problems of those who find themselves living in the past, unable to face the future. In part a personal story- in part a case history of members of one group or another (the units are deliberately kept small), this points the way to avoidance of the dangers of emotional invalidism, through new horizons, new friends, activity, and deliberately learning to turn from self pity to helping others, learning to close the doors of the mind to those griefs and tragedies that can't be helped. Should prove a special item for those who need such help themselves, or wish to pass it on to others who are ready for moral sanction to the essentially healthy process of turning away from grief.

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 1951
Publisher: Doubleday