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NOTHING IS LITTLE by Carmella Van Vleet


by Carmella Van Vleet

Pub Date: July 19th, 2022
ISBN: 978-0-8234-5011-4
Publisher: Holiday House

Felix has many T-shirts poking fun at his small stature: “YOU GOTTA HAND IT TO SHORT PEOPLE (BECAUSE THEY USUALLY CAN’T REACH ANYWAY).”

Sixth grader Felix has a lot going on. There’s a baby sister due in a few months, he’s taking growth hormones (for a pituitary deficiency) although he is perfectly happy being a short kid, and he knows nothing about his biological dad, though he really wants to. Felix joins the Forensic Science Club at school (their motto: “To a great mind, nothing is little.—Sherlock Holmes”) and realizes he can apply what he learns there to finding out more about his father. He also sets his sights on going to the district tournament; he and his teammates each have their reasons for wanting to succeed. Felix hopes his father will see him in the newspaper and come find him. Ray wants to persuade his accountant father that Math Club isn’t the only thing of value. Casey, who lives in the shadow of her sister’s softball successes, would love to finally win her own trophy. And Priya just wants to prove to her other friends that becoming a medical examiner isn’t a weird ambition. But what happens when winning matters too much? The author’s afterword about growth hormone deficiency is an informative, insightful addition to an empathetic and well-told story. Most characters present White.

A captivating, humorous, and heartfelt story of friendship, family, and crime-solving.

(Fiction. 8-12)