BEWARE OF THIS SHOP by Carol Beach York


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Suspense in a Victorian setting as evil threatens a small New York town. There was something ominous, Hester felt, about the little shop in Marley Street. Certainly strange things happened after she bought the little china shepherdess there, until she destroyed it like Mrs. Commerly had had to do with that music box whose tune was driving her crazy. . . . But Hester can't prove anything, and yields numbly when Mr. Mordrian, the shop's oddly polite owner (think Marty Feldman), urges Aunt Sophie to let Hester be his assistant. Will the sinister Mr. Mordrian carry out his evil plan, whatever it is? Not if Hester can destroy the brass toad that is the source of his powers. Satisfying enough chills from a brief teaser.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Nelson