FOR GOODNESS' SAKE by Carol Beattie


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A chatty, husband- home- and community-centered account of ten years of marriage to a minister- and the ministry, which reflects the contentment to be found in a life of participation and service. Deciding at the age of 12 that she would marry a preacher, she fell in love- while in college- with Bob, became his wife just after his acceptance of a small parish, a pretty church and rectory in Monroe, Connecticut. This makes the rounds of life and work together; of church suppers and auctions; of calls- and the constant demands on their time and the non-stop telephone and doorbell; and of the many satisfactions and rewards (and occasional mistakes) they found. From here- to Norwich during the war years, in which they had two sons, to Short Hills, New Jersey, and a more suburban type of life, to a year in a boy's school where Bob served as Assistant Headmaster and Chaplain and Carol struggled with the cold- and the mud, to Atlantic City, this record is a pleasant reflection of the commonplaces, concerns and gratifications of this calling and is femininely angled.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1952
Publisher: Prentice-Hall