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A Counting Adventure

by Carol Brendler ; illustrated by Renée Kurilla

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-544-83958-8
Publisher: Clarion Books

A family of dogs escapes the heat of the city for a picnic by the shore, if they can only get through the traffic.

The Pickwicks and their charming puppies, Pip and Peach, hit the road in the family pickup truck only to discover that many of their neighbors have had the same idea. They are quickly passed on the road out of town by “3 squeaky jeeps,” “8 hasty hatchbacks,” and numerous other vehicles. Just as they arrive at the box-girder bridge (a detail repeated several times), they and their traveling companions discover that their means of urban egress has been closed for construction. It is a massive traffic jam! Not to worry: Pip and Peach have just the right attitude for being stuck in a jam, and soon there is a picnic party for all the waiting motorists. Though the family is of canines, as they are fairly anthropomorphic and the parents are belted in, it will likely give many readers pause that the children are riding unrestrained in the bed of the Pickwick pickup. Nevertheless, with darling cartoon illustrations, counting concepts, and all kinds of things that go, this book is sure to have broad appeal for read-alouds.

A family romp that demonstrates what a positive attitude and a bit of resourcefulness can accomplish in less-than-ideal circumstances

. (Picture book. 4-7)