HARPS IN THE WIND by Carol Brink


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Last Spring University of Minnesota Press published Jordan's Singvn' Yankees; the Carol Brink book, a second biography of the Hutchinsons of New Hampshire, was then scheduled for October. Both books get a hatter break by the postponement of this book to March 4. As originally reported:- ""In this second biography of the Hutchinsons, the entertainment value is somewhat impaired by the interruption of the narrative as excerpts from original documents are introduced. This family whose thirteen sons and daughters were one of the most popular groups of singers of the 19th century, was connected with almost every social movement of the century -- temperance, anti-slavery, even spiritualism, so their story is in some ways a story of America of that age. However, an overabundance of details about the members of the family overshadows the larger historical movements, limits its interest. The Jordan book had greater charm"".

Pub Date: March 18th, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan