HERBIE'S TROUBLES by Carol Chapman


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How six-year-old Herbie almost gives up on school because of all the rotten things that bully Jimmy John does to him. Neighbor Sophie suggests being ""assertive"" and speaking up to Jimmy John; Mary Ellen suggests sharing a treat with him; and Jake tells Herbie to punch Jimmy John right in the nose. ""I do it all the time,"" says Jake. None of these responses works for Herbie, but he finally does get Jimmy John off his back simply by acting unperturbed by his offenses. Obviously, though this solution works for Herbie, it might prove as disappointing to others as Sophie's, Mary Ellen's, and Jake's did to him. Perhaps readers will take heart anyway from Herbie's example in finding one's own solution. Meanwhile, Oechsli gives some chipper recognition value to Herbie's trials.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1981
Publisher: Dutton