WAKE UP, GROUNDHOG! by Carol Cohen


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Spring wakes groundhogs! Not alarm clocks."" That's what meddlesome newcomer Miss Pigeon learns after a March week spent trying to waken Mr. Groundhog at nine each morning. On Monday she simply calls in to introduce herself but by Sunday, when he does wake up just because it's spring, she has rounded up her own alarm dock, the Mouse brothers' grandfather dock, Rabbit's pocket watch, Frog's cuckoo dock, the town bells, and Mrs. Mole's hourglass -- even though all the animals tell her it won't do any good. Cohen's warm watercolors are agreeable if unexceptional; ditto the story, which without the sharper significance or application the eureka-capped structure leads you to expect, is disappointingly slight.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1975
Publisher: Crown