ROBIN HILL by Carol Greene


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Robin has a real problem--the mean landlord, Mr. Potts, won't let her on the grass, the second-floor porch outside her apartment is dangerously decrepit, and there's no good place to play. But when, in desperation, she ventures onto the forbidden porch and starts to fall through, it's Mr. Potts who rescues her. This attractively produced book looks like just what's needed for fledgling readers: the old-fashioned format, with its small, generously-margined pages and sensitive, well designed drawings, is even more approachable than the Haywoods. Robin, yearning for a lot of things she can't have, and her loving family with its modest means are well drawn. On the negative side, Greene's style achieves simplicity at the price of choppiness; and the villain, Mr. Potts, is so unsympathetic at the start that his turnaround at the end is implausible. Nevertheless, this is attractive enough to help fill the need for more books at this reading level.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1986
Page count: 71pp
Publisher: Harper & Row