JOHNNY TEXAS by Carol Hoff
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**A warm and appealing family story set in the Texas of 1834-6, this first winner of the Charles W. Follett Award is a distinguished book. Reminiscent in tone and situation to The Yearling, the interplay of personalities within a small family is leavened to an action perspective for young people. Ten-year-old Johann, dubbed ""Johnny Texas"" by a native Texan, loved tenderly and deeply by his vigorous, idealistic father and his sensitive, lonely mother whom he loves, but does not quite understand, comes to Texas with his family from Leipzig, Germany. Joyfully exploring the wonderful wilds of the Western plains. Johnny discovers a close companionship with his father, a deeper appreciation of the pride and fragile gentleness of his city-bred mother, and the free spirit of the new country. Working on the farm gives Johnny a sense of adult responsibility, especially enhanced by the arrival of a baby sister, and the war which sends his father to join Houston on the Mexican border, while his mother, the baby and he himself are forced to flee the battle areas when his father is believed lost. At the close Johnny feels at one with his family and belonging to the New World. Handsome sketches in black and white by Bob Meyers vitalize this fine book.

ISBN: 0937460818
Publisher: Wilcox & Follett