THE LOVE CRISIS by Carol & Jerome Fine Botwin


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Some sorry categorizing chitchat about what's ""wrong"" with men today: they supposedly long for the ""good old days"" when they exercised the sole power in a sexual conquest, and now spend their sullen time rejecting entanglements. Twenty-one ""types"" strain the limits of credibility--""jock"" lovers have incorporated the message that women exist primarily to serve; ""retarded ejaculators"" fear letting go because of castration anxiety resulting from early oedipal conflicts, etc. With detailed descriptions of situations in which women are victimized by ""the charismatic bastard"" or ""the devious juggler,"" this has little to offer in the way of cheer or comfort; women are simply cautioned to ""be realistic."" Ugliness blown up to the point where distinctions are blurred and reality distorted.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday