SILLY SOUP: Ten Zany Plays by Carol Korty

SILLY SOUP: Ten Zany Plays

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Ten smart, snappy pieces based on ""noodlehead"" lore, from the author of Plays from African Folk Tales. Here the same five simpletons make up the cast for all ten plays--in which they perform such foolish acts as selling their gold for paper bags full of air, exchanging two mismatched shoes for the mates from the same two pair, bringing scoops of sunshine into a dark house, or (in an astronaut skit) believing themselves on the moon when they emerge from a makeshift rocket. The noodlehead tradition is an enduring, accessible genre that lends itself well to such adaptation, and Korty, who has worked with young performers and includes here an economic minimum of sound advice, knows just how to shape it.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1977
Publisher: Scribners