GOODBYE, I LOVE YOU by Carol Lynn Pearson


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The ""Brian's Song"" of the AIDS set--indeed, it is to be made into a TV movie. Pearson, who has written four books of poetry, as well as plays and other books, relates here the story of her falling in love with Gerald--""the best way to describe him is to say that he shone""--his confession to her of past homosexual incidents, their subsequent marriage, her shocked discovery that he had not given up his past proclivities, even while fathering four children, and of her struggle to rise out of her traditional Mormon biases to accept his problem. Unfortunately, that is not the end. Gerald eventually contracts AIDS, and dies a beautifully serene death as Pearson sits by his bedside holding his hand, then departs for Mount Tamalpais, where his ashes were spread on the winter solstice. At a special service for him, his friends sing ""Gerald's Song."" Wait for the movie.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1986
ISBN: 1555179843
Publisher: Random House