FLY BY NIGHT by Carol McD. Wallace


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The author's second novel finds young, Boston-bred Louise Gerard in Paris, living a life her compatriots might think idyllic. Her job is pleasant--helping American Tony Geist run the well-endowed junior-year-abroad program for students of Tony Winfield College; her picturesque garret apartment is comfortable but cheap enough to permit the occasional purchase of a pair of Maud Frizon shoes. There's been a small sucession of lovers in her five years abroad. The latest--a German named Volker--has been history for a month, but Louise suspects he's been plaguing her with small harassments since their breakup. Trouble in paradise is heralded by the smuggling arrest of Louise's dignified laywer father, on the way home from his annual visit. Enter Edward Cole, also a lawyer, on a hush-hush government mission, and sparks begin to fly in earnest. Tony, who has kept his checkered past under wraps, is up to some mischief involving a precious antique sewing kit--tiny, gold, and diamond-encrusted--that comes into Louise's possession. Volker, involved with terrorism, wants it enough to pursue Louise into the Paris night, in a chase that goes on a bit too long, as do Louise's panicky thoughts on who's doing what to whom. The plot relies heavily on coincidence but moves briskly exempt for some midway sag. The ending is happy, if predictable. The author's style is breezy, blithe and charming; so is her heroine. Add a plus for lovers of Paris streets and landmarks.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's