THE GLASS HOUSE by Carol Morse


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Laura Boothby and Belinda Reynard were almost sisters. Laura's mother was housekeeper at the beautiful Reynard house which meant so much to Laura, but Mrs. Reynard could not awaken any enthusiasm in her daughter Belinda for the protected, luxurious life she wished Belinda to have. Mrs. Reynard financed Laura's education at college, where Laura spent most of her time looking out for Belinda's interests. Though Laura was talented and able in many ways, it was always Belinda who won the prizes and became the leader. It took Belinda's marriage to Jim, Laura's one time beau, to make Laura realize she could not direct another person's life. And when Mrs. Reynard willed the family homestead to Laura, rather than to her own daughter, Belinda felt no resentment and Laura came to terms with her responsibilities to herself. A readable story of two girls, one on her own and grateful to her sponsors, the other protected and privileged, indifferent to her advantages.

Publisher: Ives Washburn